Adds a new index. This method can check if the index already exists and adds one if it doesn’t.


  • index_type: index class + properties of “entity” or “connection”.
  • class: class of entity/connection to index.
  • property_key: name of the property that the index will be built on.
  • property_type: one of the supported types “boolean”, “integer”,
    “float”, “string”, “time”
  • [optional] populate: boolean to indicate whether we should look through existing
    metadata and add existing entities/connections to the new index. Default is true and it can take a while to scan if there is a lot of metadata.

The matches are case sensitive for all the parameters.


# Index the property "Name" for all entities in class "Person"

"AddIndex" : {
    "index_type": "entity",
    "class" : "Person",
    "property_key" : "Name",
    "property_type": "string",
    "populate": false # if you know there are no existing entities with this property