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Scientific Applications

Scientific applications such as satellite imaging, bioinformatics, and medical imaging often deal with proprietary image and video formats that combine multiple resolutions and metadata in order to containerize information. But it is prohibitive to deal with such data when using it for machine learning or displaying it for expert analysis. ApertureData Platform can maintain a common interface but store the metadata and data in ways that make it simpler to manage and easier to access and search. It can provide efficient ways of re-formatting this data as needed. Developers and data scientists can query and update the information on existing data as and when needed, and share it with experts, to help them with diagnoses.


Manufacturing Backend

Manufacturing companies want to track their assembly lines in real time. While there are companies looking at building frontends, they typically run into problems finding a backend that can allow them to evolve easily when it comes to adding more sensor data, variable event size information, and continue to perform well. ApertureData Platform's metadata schema can evolve easily to accommodate this, help search for event information fast, and let the frontends gradually expand from simple RFID based tracking to computer vision based operational tracking.

Entertainment Applications

There is no direct market solution competing with ApertureData Platform.
Companies have to build one-off tools and invest valuable research and development efforts in making pieces fit together. One of our customer conversation revealed that to find a solution to serve their videos to various departments that needed them at different resolutions for either streaming or further ML processing, the customer had to pay an external graph database vendor for their metadata and employ a team for over a year to stitch up a solution that currently scales to only about 100s of thousands of videos. Despite these complexities, this solution could be improved further because it still relies on a script generating common ID for every new video and ensuring that the same ID is used across all systems to refer to the same video stored at various resolutions. Our solution is much more powerful, can serve image or videos at desired resolution through simple value changes in the API, and is positioned for ML from inception. ApertureData Platform is a near-perfect fit for problems such as these. 

Autonomous Driving

Consider an autonomous driving cloud scenario that requires analysis of camera data from specific types of events in the course of last 24 hours of data collection from different cars in order to retrain the object recognition model. Data scientists and ML developers have to look through the event log from that time frame for 1000s of cars to spot relevant events and search for the various sensor logs pertaining to that event and access them for retraining. Our metadata organization can ease event organization by connecting to logs, particularly video captures, and ApertureData Platform can help find all the relevant video clips or blobs needed to retrain their models very easily.