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Our Path So Far...

Jan 2019 - Second open source release

Our second open source release of VDMS adds support for feature vectors, bounding boxes, and videos along with enhanced metadata query capabilities involving multiple relationship traversals.

Dec 2018 - Another publication

We presented some results from our medical imaging application benchmark and described our new feature vector API at Systems for ML workshop co-located with NIPS 2018.

Oct 2018 - ApertureData Inc.

We formed the company!

Oct 2018 - A good start...

ApertureData Inc was selected winner at Future Founders Friday pitch event during Seattle Startup Week 2018

Feb 2018 - First open source release

Since we started the development of our system inside Intel Labs, our first release gave us a way to talk to our academic partners about it. We released this with fewer features to start getting feedback in order to guide our future releases.

July 2017 - Introductory paper

We first introduced the idea of a data management system targeting large scale visual data at USENIX HotStorage workshop, a venue for hot new ideas in storage.